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Hello. My name is Cecilia Parish, owner of Professional Bookkeeping & Business Services (PBBS). PBBS provides small businesses with virtual administrative support and bookkeeping services.
I have a twenty-year tenure working in 'Corporate America' for Fortune 500 companies. I began my career working for two of the 'Big Four' Accounting Firms in New York City as a Working Capital Analyst. I have also held Executive Assistant positions for large Fortune 500 companies mentioned above.
My work experience, coupled with my schooling, have provided me with a tremendous amount of knowledge, technical expertise and administrative 'know-how.' I consider myself a very dedicated, hard-working individual with exceptional organizational skills.
I find that organizing small businesses and helping them achieve increased profitability, lower taxes and improved cash flow management is a challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding task. Throughout my employment history, I have maintained excellent performance appraisals due to my work ethic, diligence and perseverance.