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Professional Bookkeeping & Business Services

'Profit Through Organization'
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“We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy, on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. " -- Earl Nightingale
Professional Bookkeeping & Business Services provides virtual administrative support and bookkeeping services to small businesses. A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed professional that helps you manage daily administrative tasks remotely such as: website creation; PayPal account set-up; shopping cart/auto-responder set-up; Skype set-up; Marketing and branding; creating and maintaining databases, logs and contact lists; setting up and assisting with mail merges and mass mailings; scheduling appointments and maintaining calendars; coordinating and following through on independent projects; preparing letters; typing; data entry; word processing; spreadsheet creation, phone coverage and much more.
~Attached is a comprehensive article that specifically outlines 101 ways that a Virtual Assistant can be beneficial to your business:

~Northeast Region Employers Stand to Lose $1.3 Billion Per Snow Day:
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* Indicate what services you need completed, including your timeframe, and an
  estimate will be provided within 24 hours. Click here to submit an RFP.
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Can you answer the following ten questions about your business?


1     Were my total sales up or down last month?

2     What was my total gross profit last month?

3     What is my gross profit per item?

4     What were my expenses by category last month?
5     Who owes me money and how much?
6     Who is behind in paying me and by how much?
7     How much inventory do I have, in total by item?
8     To whom do I owe money and how much?
9     What was my profit last month?
10    How much do I own?


I can help you answer these questions quickly and easily by establishing and maintaining an Accounting System utilizing QuickBooks Pro.
I can also help you:
- Minimize taxes
- Improve your cash flow
- Increase your profitability
- Gain peace of mind
- Allow you to focus more time on your business
- Gain profit through organization

COST COMPARISON: Full-Time Employee vs. Independent Contractor

(based on 2,080 hours) annually.

Actual Cost for Full-Time EmployeePercentagevs.Independent Contractor
Base Salary$30/hr 67.1 $30/hr *
Social Security$2,8675.20
Time Off$4,9028.90
TOTAL COST$80,507100% $62,400

*Hours are determined by the business owner's needs.

Note: Additional savings realized by small business owners are: no
           overtime pay; no office equipment; no office space; no UI Insurance or
           Administration costs.
Professional Bookkeeping & Business Services
Cecilia Parish
Fax: 1-484-335-4410